domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

                                                 AS I can be happy

1-ActitudLa happiness is a choice that I can do at any time and in any place. My thoughts are what make me feel happy or unhappy, not my circumstances. Be able to change yourself, and the world will change with you.Remember that the only thing you can control in the world are your thoughts... 

2. The CuerpoMis feelings are influenced by my position. A proper stance creates a happy disposition.It is also important that you do exercise, this frees us from stress and generates the secretion of endorphins that make us feel good. Always look up and you can only laugh, because I do not know anyone who has been able to cry in this postura
.3-the time happiness is not in years, months, weeks, or even in the days. Only can be found in moments. "Today is the tomorrow of yesterday"... in addition life always entitled to surprise us, so you learn to live the present without any of the traumas of the past nor the future expectations. Remember that happiness is not a goal, but a journey. Enjoy every moment as if the combined your past, your present and your futur
     4-our own ImagenDebo learn to love me myself as I am. Believing in yourself gives results. The more you know, the greater your advantage over the others.Hammarshold said: "the more difficult path is the path to the inside"... but, at least once in life, we must recorrerlo

      5-the goals do know what is the difference between a dream and a goal?A goal is a dream with a specific date to become a reality. A dream is just a dream, something that is out of the reality... so dare to dream, but also dare to make those dreams come true! "It points to the Moon, because although mistake, you will reach the stars..." And when you put a difficult goal or believe that you have an impossible dream, remember that success is only the reward, for what it's worth is the esfuerzo

.6-the HumorLa smile is very important to improve self-esteem. When we smile, although we do not feel anything, our brain understands it as a sign that everything is going well and send a message to the central nervous system so that it releases a substance called beta-endorphin, which gives a positive response to the mind. They say a smile costs less than electricity, but it gives more light. In addition, with every smile planting an esperanza.

7-the-Perdonmientras you have resentment and hatred, it will be impossible to be happy. The wonderful thing about forgiveness is that it releases the other possible fault, they you frees you from a sufrimiento.

8-DarUno of the true secrets to be happy is to learn to give, without expecting anything in return. The laws of energy returned you more than what des. If you hate, you'll receive hate, but if you give love, you will invariably receive love.Only that, learn to make is on the way discover the true felicidad.

9-Las RelacionesLa synergy is to join forces and walk together to get things. Whenever two or more people come together in a spirit of collaboration and respect, synergy manifests itself in a natural way. He understands the people who surround you, you want to your friends as they are, without trying to change them, because when you feel bad, the true friend will be there to support you and give you all their love. So cultivate your friendships, we are free!. Friendship, like most of the feelings, must flow in a way natural.

10-the FeLa faith creates confidence, gives us peace of mind and frees the soul of your doubts, worries, anxiety and fear."But don't panic when dudes, as well said Miguel de Unamuno: faith that no doubt is dead faith". They say that man becomes wise when you learn to laugh at yourself. He laughs, laughs merrily... and the world will laugh with you.

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