miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013


                                                               Teen PRE     

            La pre-adolecencia is a very sensitive topic, and I new this with an 11-year-old daughter, I feel on the edge of a cliff, 1 year ago I was an expert in children's programs, I have spent by barny and my reign ended with bob sponge, because now I wonder just who devil is ONE DIRECTION... who can define the tremendous disorder of my daughter when it says that nameuntil recently his pink room with Princess has gone purple and full of poster 5 lolos, and in my time that happened to the 14 or 15 years... is that I'm not old (not so much), but these changes are too fast for me, the poor so that 1 year ago knew how to handle facebook now I am hit and surpassed by the teenagers pre_for parents as I not only is raising good children, but also immerse us in a culture that is not ours, the culture of technology that world which they know so much, and I'm still here waiting for in the depths of my return to have my little Princess and not has this pre-adolecente that it frightens and grimacing if occurs to me remotely to pronounce one direction... life was more easy in my pre-teen age 15.

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