martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

                                   The ability to choose or take decisiones

   The ability to choose or take decisionesLa ability to choose or make decisions is an important ingredient of the freedom. People doubt, change of opinion, we repent of our bad choices and always have several options to choose from, whereas the most appropriate courses of action and evaluating the effects. Human beings have, since freedom, self-consciousness and will. In every moment of our life decisions, although we don't always expect the consequences that can lead us, or those who surround us.Thus, each of us builds its existence split decisions, that you have been so far. Neither plants nor animals can do something similar, is not true? For this reason, Jean-Paul Sartre, French thinker, said that human beings are condemned to be free. This means that, even if you wanted to, you could never stop to choose. So it is more clear to us we'll see an example: suppose that one day you say to yourself: "Okay, I'm going to do everything what order, complying to the letter what you tell me and letting others decide for me" actually, deciding not to decide, you mean!, your decision is that others decide for ti. The funny thing is that if you keep this decision, you're still deciding. deciding to keep it!, so even then have ceased to be free.


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