sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013


                                                            BAD PADRES

Contare history most repeated in the world, I have a child from a parent the abandonment, wanted for my as woman I just left crying in the shadows, me dolio, I hurt and I felt disappointed, even now when wound already Hill occasionally feel the sadness of who love you very much and seen in that child made love reality.         years have passed and I still wonder how man manages to have the ability to forget and alejarce body and soul of a child, even try to understand the meaning of Parenthood for those man away, I am not the first nor the last women to be single mother, but now with some years up solitary motherhood I feel more safe to write this text... I have been told that man becomes father when sharing with the child, not when it was born as women, they need direct contact with your child, that is easy for them to abandon them... I am thinking of the father of my child and remember the joy in his eyes when he learned of the pregnancy, remember that I am filled with hugs and kisses, was this pregnancy the continuity of our love, the continuity of the two, but I have me here.. .Since took years single raising it, cuddling and love filling your world so not you notice the absence of his father... the love of my life... explanations there are lots... the was married, he felt fear, way too young, had no money, never wanted children, father does not feel, wants to be free... I just can now define this attitude of abandoning a child with a name many names.. .from my point of view of single mother, female ex-herida, I can say that you should thank that man you not with the upbringing of your child that that man is worst that a bandit that man is a damn miserable... you can't live, can't love, can't feel, to be full of cheap excuses to cover the amount of lies that surround his lifeIt is an inbesil that looks you in the eye and will lie, a mental retarded that I launched a son without looking back, who never mind you what you feel by, never you care about your loneliness and much less the triztesas of your child what to do... is to run away from the as if it were a bomb... run and are happy with your baby, instead of joy and good times, do it laugh and watch it grow... to enjoy the magic of being MOM and when prompted by her single dad tell that he was a hippy much drogo in the youth, by which he died half of the brain and which hopefully walks... is happy to be single, best single MOM than poorly accompanied.

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