sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013


                                                   THE life that I want to almost

           every day wake up with the feeling of not having done anything that leaves a mark on the world, think that only work filled me some spaces, and be part of a family filled me others... do but I echo I to fill my indoor spaces?... I take the hat for those who know how to answer this question, I imagine that they are those who follow any noble cause and help patients, animal, and the eco system... maybe those people who daily smile and greet a stranger, or those scholars who, with their work, trying to lessen the suffering of the planeta.Como can I do something to feel accomplished, that strange mechanism going has lead has be more useful to humanity. Vast perhaps stay crying for what it might be, or I have to find a way to make me.I think of young people of the world who walk with thousands of problems, thinking that everything is bad, and I think about how to give them a hand and show you that suffering is part of growth, that the only pain make us more wise, and that mistakes are only one of thousands of errors that we has commit throughout our lives... as I can help has those people who have already been with people and now painted gray, as you explicares that life does not end if not only starting a stage more free and less compromised... how to help children who have no parents, the families who have lost a loved one, a child who lost your pet?... maybe the only way I have is writing my great fears and tell anyone who will listen, that life is beautiful and the sun always rises, that suffering is a pain that it drowns out our mind and body, but that life continues and only up to us to know how to fill those spaces.

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