sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013


                                             When respect is lost

                have a friend that her husband was unfaithful 7 years ago. They had a good marriage, but as happens to all, the years and the routine, destroyed his marriage, the are looking for another woman and se enamoro and my friend was not able to overcome it she did that relationship ended and the mistress of her husband leave the city, but after years, the still in love with this woman, but not could leave the Houseby my friend assaulted him psychologically and I hit it so often that I doblego your spirit, they are still married, but I see in the the triztesa reflected in your eyes, live an eternal sentence to find love outside of marriage, according to be the woman who was his lover, has not forgotten him and still loves him, but my friend is more strongdo, she is full of grudge and hatred, I swear that this martyrdom ended when she and her husband died... does not want to go ahead and do not want that nobody is happy... told me that the former lover has a son of this man, a child that is still small and that does not know the father... also told me that my friend just wants this child and her mother are dead... and I wonder?... how to help those who hate both as... help this man who has fear embedded in the bones... how to help this child growing up without a father and how to help the former lover?.. .that can be when a woman driving the lives of others... is that my friend is sick and needs help... but as you can help who do not receive assistancethat it can be when you are only spectator of a story that may end as a great tragedy.

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